Brazilian Classics

PF- Brazilian lunchtime classicGrilled marinated meat of your choice (chicken, pork, beef) served with steamed rice, brown beans, fried egg and mixed salad £9.95

Feijoada Famous Brazilian slow cooked mixed pork meat and black beans stew served with rice, farofa (cassava crumbs), sautéed greens and orange £9.95

Picanha na chapa A special cut of beef (Cap of rump) from Brazil served sizzling with onions, crispy garlic, steamed rice, mixed leave salad and tomato and coriander salsa £11.55

Beef Stroganoff served with steamed rice and batata palha (match stick chips) £9.95

Moqueca A Classic from Bahia, mixed seafood and fish stew made with sweet peppers and coconut milk served with steamed rice & farofa (grated cassava crumbs) £9.95

Pan Fried Sea Bream fillet served with new potatoes, lime butter, tomato vinaigrette and salad garnish £9.95

Risotto Verde with asparagus,peas, green beans and spinach served with herb oil£8.95


Acai na tigela Brazilian berries from Amazon rainforest served with granola and bananas. Healthy & Energetic Bomb to start of your day with! £5.25

Acai Bomb Brazilian berries from Amazon rainforest (sorbet) blended with guarana powder, cashew nuts, strawberry, banana and honey served as a smoothie £5.00

Tostex de queijo e tomate Cheese and tomato toasty served with chips and salad£4.50

Misto quente Classic Brazilian cheese and ham hock toasty served with chips and salad £4.50