Our Menu consisting of traditional Brasilian Classics such as the ever famous Feijoada, Bobo Camarao and Mocqueca to home grown creations and inspirations of our  team of Brasilian chef’s which are modern twists of Brasilian home cooking such as Stuffed Sea Bass with Fennel, Thyme & Rosemary or Churrasco Misto – Mixed Barbeque. Whatever you do, please allow enough space for our mouth watering desserts, they are gorgeous!

If you would just rather prefer a snack, please ask your server for our range of bar food where you would find Brasilian street food such as Coxinha (chicken pastries), Pastels with a variety of fillings and Calabrese sausages sautéed with onions and served on a garlic infused ciabatta, to name a few.

All our food is additive free and much effort is made to ensure that the products are either organic or free range.

All our food is cooked from fresh.

If you suffer any allergies, please ensure that you inform one of our servers who would gladly assist where possible to modify the meal of your choice.

Enjoy Brasil at your doorstep!