aboutusLocated in the heart of Camden Town, Made In Brasil aims to bring the best of Brasilian and Latino culture, food, drink and music to London. The vibrant interior of Made In Brasil captures the spirit of a Brasilian beach party with natural warm colours, typical décor, unfinished driftwood tables and chairs and floor to ceiling shuttered windows at the back with Copacabana Beach Bar on ground floor that is perfect for private hire.

The beach shack style Brazilian Restaurant and Cocktail bar headed by Renato Paziam serves a large selection of traditional and modern Brazilian food & cocktails including tile infamous Caipirinha alongside the less well known Capeta (literally translates as ‘The Devil’) and Batida.

The cocktail list includes of all the Classics and various variations of the well known lime Caipirinha ranging from Chilli Raspberry Caipirinha, Passionfruit Caipirinha to the more unusual Acai Caipirinha using Brazilian superfruit from Amazon rainforest…the healthier option, as its full of vitamins and natural energy.

The extravagant list of more than 200 different Cachaca’s from all around Brasil adorn the bar some which are unique only to Made In Brasil having been limited edition productions from cottage industries in the state of Minais Gerais.

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Copacabana Beach Bar

Tucked away in the basement of Made In Brasil is our ‘Copacabana Beach Bar’ with its own cosy beach hut style bar serving exotic cocktails and brasilian classics with tantalising flair.

Imaginations of a distant paradise, reminisience of a distant holiday under a glorious sunny sky only shadowed by mature palm trees.

Copacabana beach room is home to live bands and top DJ’s playing the best in bossa nova, samba and latino house classic anthems.

After a caipirinha or two,  you could even dance the samba all night long mesmerised by the seductive, secluded vibe of this enchanting room.

Copacabana Beach Bar is available for private hire.
Whether you are planning a wedding reception, a birthday do or just
simply find an excuse……. speak to us ….. and we will do the rest !

The Staff

At Made In Brasil we strive to bring caring, thoughtful and warm people who love to serve and entertain our customers.

We’re renowned for the quality and variety of our drinks, we have the largest selection of cachaca in Europe and the expertise of our bar team is highly recognised.

Ask any of our bartenders for some interesting knowledge of your favourite tipple… or get them to knock you up a new creation if you fancy a change.

If you want to join our team, please send us your resume to: [email protected]

We also accept applications in person everyday of the week
12 Inverness Street, Camden Town, London, NW1 7HJ